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Channel Islands & Manx Home Insurance

Ross Gower Group specialises in providing home and contents insurance policies to Channel Island and Isle of Man residents. One of the most common mistakes people make when buying a home insurance policy is to underestimate the level of cover they need, the value of their contents or the cost of rebuilding should the worst happen. At Ross Gower we strive to help people understand the pitfalls of under insurance and provide sound advice on the most appropriate policies and levels of cover that would be most suitable. A simple way to ensure that you are not under insuring your buildings or contents cover is to use our easy calculator tiny brolly. For a more detailed summary of the household insurance on offer from Ross Gower Group you can download our Key Facts documents that gives a broad overview of what is available. This summary does not contain the full terms and conditions, those can be found in your policy documents.

Tiny Brolly
Do you know the actual amount of cover you need?
Calculate the rebuild value of your property at www.tinybrolly.com

Online Quotes for Home Insurance

In order to simplify the process of buying home insurance for Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man residents there is an online quotation system available. Simply fill in the form for one of our three main policy options and you will receive an instant quote. The main policy options are as follows:

  • Home Fixed
  • Home Flexible
  • Home Contents Only

Home Fixed Insurance Cover

This policy is recommended for those families with a home of up to four bedrooms who do not require a an enhanced degree of flexibility. For a more detailed summary breakdown of what is available from this policy you can download and review our Key Facts.

Home Flexible Insurance Policy

This is a more flexible option that offers a greater level of customisation and higher definable value for each aspect of the policy. If you have a higher value home with more than four bedrooms or feel you need a higher level of cover this may be the most appropriate policy for you.

Home Contents Cover

If you do not own your own property it is best practice to ensure your own possessions are covered and that you have tenant liability insurance. Renting without tenant liability cover leaves you exposed to potential costs resulting from accidental damage to the property during your tenancy that can potentially be considerable.

If you would like to discuss your needs in more detail we would love to hear from you via phone on 01481 722222 or email [email protected].